Grant Dates and Deadlines

Phase I Agency Solicitations

Below is a list of solicitations scheduled for 2020. For a complete list of all currently open solicitations, including special calls for research topics, visit SBIR Open Solicitations.

Homeland Security (DHS)13-Nov-1918-Dec-1922-Jan-20
NOAA (DOC/NOAA)**12-Dec-193-Feb-20
Defense 110-Dec-1914-Jan-2012-Feb-20
Energy (DOE)12-Nov-1916-Dec-1924-Feb-20
Education (ED/IES)*16-Jan-203-Mar-20
NSF 1*18-Dec-205-Mar-20
NIST (DOC/NIST)**31-Jan-203-Apr-20
NIH 1*7-Jan-206-Apr-20
NSF 2*6-Mar-204-Jun-20
Defense 2 (DOD)22-Apr-2020-May-2017-Jun-20
EPA**Est Jun-20Est Jul-20
NSF 3*5-Jun-203-Sep-20
NIH 2*7-Apr-207-Sep-20
Agriculture (USDA/NIFA)**23-Jul-201-Oct-20
Defense 3 25-Aug-2023-Sep-2022-Oct-20
NSF 4*4-Sep-203-Dec-20
NIH 3*8-Sep-207-Dec-20
NIH 4*8-Dec-205-Jan-21
NASA (tentative)*11-Nov-2029-Mar-21

* Denotes departments that publish an annual SBIR-STTR solicitation outlining agency guidelines, and institutional priorities and special calls for research topics for the fiscal year.

** Denotes departments or agencies that publish priorities and specials calls for topics at opening of the solicitation.

Phase II Solicitations

Phase II applications can generally only be made after successful completion of Phase I. (In the past there have been “direct to Phase II” solicitations but that program expired and has not been renewed.)

In some cases, Phase II funding is only made available by invitation from the Phase I funding agency.

Fast-track Applications

The NIH allows a combined Phase I-Phase II application which is called a “Fast-track.” Fast-tracks require more effort upfront but can result in guaranteed, milestone-based funding of $1 million or more over a multi-year period.

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